Fed up of blogs that only post winning trades and somehow never seem to have any losing trades? Well, we are too, annoyed at how they only lure people by posting all the right and good trades and nothing about the bad.

We at SingaporeHumbleStock would like to share both the good and bad to everyone out there as we believe there is nothing to hide. Honestly and integrity are of utmost importance to us and we wouldn’t want to brag about winning trades and hide those that are wrong.

We are just humbly sharing our views in hope that we can help those who are in need and also to help others to learn too. We know that there are many experts out and we humbly come to be teachable too. Markets are dynamic and no one can be right all the time. We also don’t look for quick gains and riches and know that that often leads to destruction more than anything else. So please don’t hope to make tons of money but through proper technique slowly grow your wealth .

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Yours humbly
Kelwin & Roy